Thing 23: Read a few perspectives on Web 2.0, Library 2.0 and the future of libraries.

Here are my perspectives of the “2.0” movement within libraries:

Libraries as you know them are over.

We aren’t just books anymore. We were created as the great equalisers, the people’s university, etc. We can still be that. Just not as we are now.

For better or worse, many libraries cling to the traditional “BOOKS” model. As the social media movement has gained traction, most libraries have been left behind in terms of integrating these tools into their services. That’s what I really hope to change.

People say that libraries are quickly becoming community centers. In many ways that is true. Libraries are the anchors and bedrocks of communities. Through these institutions, knowledge and entertainment is given to all.

* I want a social library and I want it now! I want to create a social network that is the library’s website. Patrons could log into the website and have a completely personalised experience.
* We should and can add on tools to the catalog to make it more social (reviews, personalised recommendations, maintain reading lists, etc.)
* We should and can expand and enhance our real estate within social media networks (Flickr, Facebook, etc.) We should also look into areas where patrons are and we’re not. Maybe make a Ravelry group for the library’s knitting group?
* We need to be more involved in the community. Everyone should work a few hours a week within in the community whether it’s volunteering, book talks, digital bookmobile, resume review, etc.

There are so many paths and so many projects I want to take on. I wish I could have 2 more of me to make this happen. I implore the library staff to join me on this journey to shake off the fears of privacy, control and embrace the “new Library.”

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