Thing 16 – Create an account at a social networking site such as Facebook, MySpace, Linked In, Gather, Ning, & WebJunction.

There are dualistic battles being waged on the Interblag. mySpace vs. Facebook, Digg vs. Reddit, Pandora vs., Twitter vs. Plurk, etc.

I have a Facebook account. Amy Harmon’s Facebook
I like the clean interface and unlike many Facebook users, I don’t really mind the new layout. It did take some adjustment then again, I figure I’m making more neural pathways…therefore keeping my brain young!

As a person that is attempting to integrate social media tools within the organization, I should definitely also be on Linked In. It’s a great professional networking tool. I more than likely would not link acquaintances that I only know in a social setting unless I want to “use them to my advantage.” This is where it almost seems like your friendships are based on “how can they help me professionally”/”what can they do for me?”
This would be the social tool Machiavelli would use, in addition to Facebook to “keep it real.”

This leads into the research that was recently released by Laura E. Buffardi and W. Keith Campbell, both from the University of Georgia: Social Networking is for Narcissists. Explanation of the research here: Psychcentral article.

Maybe this is why I sometimes have a hard time on this. It has taken me a while to be able to toot my horn and I don’t fully understand how anyone can find enough time to do it all. I’m getting there.

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