Thing 12. Learn about wikis and discover some innovative ways that libraries are using them.

I currently work with wikis not only as an occasional editor for Wikipedia but within groups that I work with outside of the library. I have edited/added information to past ALA conference wikis.

The benefits of using a wiki is that you can have one place that users can access from anywhere to edit. It can be limited to people who are given access to it. Drawbacks..well, Stephen Colbert did a funny bit about Wikipedia and librarians. With all access given to anyone, people can be libelous and write things that are just downright wrong.

I like the openness of a wiki. Within an organization, it can be very useful to have many people editing one thing as opposed to just one. As the Web Library Manager, I appreciate having members of the Children’s Services Department edit their part of the Library website. I honestly can’t wait until more people can assist on this. I’m writing documentation for staff members that want to edit the webpage, make slides for the front page, add links, etc. I digressed from wikis….but this does indeed illustrate the benefits and what I like about them.

What I dislike: for many, how to edit a wiki is not intuitive. Also, if you’re unfamiliar with the language of wikis, that is…many are similar to html, php, etc.

What types of applications could a library use? Events pages, FAQs, book/film/music review page, catalog! I am not sure how we can or will implement a wiki. I’m open to suggestions.

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