Thing 10: Check out LibraryThing, Good Reads, Book Jetty, or LitLovers.

LibraryThing vs.Goodreads

LibraryThing is more of a catalogue while GoodReads is more social than LibraryThing. I get emails every time someone adds to their GoodReads account. Through Facebook, I can keep track of my GoodReads (which I have not added to, eep!) and my friends’ GoodReads. The community aspects online book-cataloguing system. It’s interesting to see what friends and acquaintances are reading. I know one person that has put all her books in LibraryThing and then will do a mass import to GoodReads.

I have heard of some libraries utilizing LibraryThing in order to make their catalogs more social, giving patrons opportunities to provide reviews, etc. Heights Library even has an account although it hasn’t been updated in a while. Not sure if we should import it all to GoodReads or not.

Of all of the social media tools that are out there, one would think that a librarian would be clamoring to jump in on this. I haven’t really gotten into this. I think I will in the future since I would love to catalog all of my books, if anything to make sure I don’t buy one that I already have. 🙂

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