Thing 9: Play with some online games.

I like playing games but I’m hesitant to download free games since they can be riddled with spyware. I do play games on Playstation 2, Wii, Xbox.

What I don’t like about playing games at work is just that. I am at work. If I’m “goofing off,” more than likely I am reading blog entries.

It just feels so weird and unproductive to play games at work. But here I am, playing Whiz Words.
It’s a word search game but you have to beat the clock.

I just played Bejeweled and again, I kinda feel foolish doing this at work.
The goal of the game is to move/swap pieces in either a horizontal or vertical way in order to get three or more other pieces in a row.

There are many reasons that games can be useful and even help improve a person. Speed, agility, hand-eye coordination, camaraderie and team building (World of Warcraft), competitiveness, etc.

The social networking aspects of these games are evident. In some games, you can have a food fight and then later chat/get to know someone you just hit in the face with a pie.

Patrons/customers are playing these games. I love playing some of these games too…just not at work. 🙂

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