Thing 8: Have some Flickr fun and discover some Flickr mashups & 3rd party sites

There are a ton of neat mashups out there.
Wolfenflickr – Mashup of game Castle Wolfenstein and Flickr. Stick ‘infowidget’ in if you like. Wolfenflickr
Instead of shooting soldiers, you can view Flickr images kind of like a museum. It randomizes pictures from a person’s Flickr account and places them up on the walls. You move through the area much like you would in the game, with arrows…very primitive but “old school” computer game fun!

Flickr colour picker – Find Flickr images containing colours you choose from a palette. – Another Flickr colour picker
The one thing I like about this over the one that was suggested is that you can search multiple colour patterns. For instance, if you are looking for pictures that have red, yellow and purple in them, images with those colours will come up.

I fiddled with the Librarian Trading Card. Here it is:

Thoughts: mashups that utilize other social networking tools are awesome. The similar dilemma that a person faces is that it can be difficult and overwhelming to figure out what you want to use.
Facebook or MySpace? Flickr or Picasa? I find one that I like and run with it. I’m willing to change if a tool is better. Nonetheless, I wouldn’t say that mashups are distractions. I think that they are akin to the apps that one finds on Facebook. Means of utilizing the various tools and making it fun for all.
And this is what it’s all about….FUN!

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