Thing 7: Play with Flickr, Picasa, or Adobe Photoshop Express

I’m almost ashamed to admit this. You might find this shocking. You’d think that a person that is tech savvy and likes to fiddle with Photoshop would had this going for years. By now, I’m sure you’re screaming, “What?! For the love of all that is human, what is it?!!”

It has only been a few months since I had my own digital camera. However, I have been having a lot of fun since I got one. I have a Flickr account. I’ve been trying to do a picture a day but that kind of fizzled out. I think I’ll try to do it monthly or something. Nonetheless, I am rarely without my camera and I take pictures frequently.

One of the major drawbacks to taking so many pictures is that I don’t post them as often as I should. Then, I have a backlog of pictures to tag and describe. However, this is not a flaw of the service. It’s a personal flaw. Oh dear, I’m revealing so much to you all today.

Nonetheless, Flickr has a lot to offer. I use it for finding pictures/design inspiration and keep up with what’s going on my friends. I think I will be utilizing FriendFeed a bit more or trying to get more of my friends involved in it. I can see when someone loads more pictures, posts on their blog or Twitter account, etc.

Hrm….this post seems to have sidetracked a bit. Alright then, perhaps this will instill my resolve in keeping my Flickr account up to date. Perhaps. Either way, I love using it.

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