Thing #5: Learn about RSS feeds and setup your own Bloglines or other newsreader account.

Catching up from last week… I have had a Bloglines account for a while. Some of the various blogs that I follow are: Boingboing, Treehugger, Roaming Monkey.

I do see the value of a feed reader but unfortunately, I do not check my Bloglines account as nearly as I should. It is an extra site that I have to go to in order for me to read the articles/blogs that interest me. If the articles were to come to me in my email (which I can set it up to do through Google Reader or another service like Send Me RSS), I may be more likely to read them. Interestingly enough, many say that email is dead and long live the text message. I could even get feed updates via text message. However, I do not have a data plan on my phone that would enable me to surf the web and read said articles. It’s just too cost prohibitive for me. What I do use is Twitter. I do get some news headlines sent to my phone or I check via the website. So, in some ways, I’m following feeds and keeping in touch with friends and those in various social circles, etc.

Hrm, maybe the email and additional services that force one to go somewhere else is dead after all.

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